dilluns, 5 d’octubre de 2009

Double comparatives

Today’s advice is for intermediate level students of English who have already studied comparatives and their basic uses.
In English we have a grammatical construction which is usually called a double comparative as we compare two concepts in the same sentence. The resulting expressions are very useful for expressing an idea or feeling. They are the equivalent of saying com més ..., més ... in Catalan. We can use adjectives, adverbs, or quantities in these comparisons. We form them with:

A few examples:
The more I work, the more tired I get. (com més treballo, més em canso)
The more coffee I drink, the less I sleep. (com més café bec, menys dormo)
The higher the mountain, the greater the challenge. (com més alta és la muntanya, més gran és el repte)
The sooner, the better. (com més aviat facis alguna cosa, millor)

And finally, the well-known saying: The more, the merrier. (com més serem, més xalarem)

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  1. Hola Silvia!
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  2. Reading this blog, the more, the merrier :-)