dimecres, 30 de setembre de 2009

A poem - Two Funny Men

From time to time we will post poems or extracts from some of our favourite books. There are many kinds of poems in English but one style I really enjoy are short, amusing ones, for children or adults who haven’t grown up. Writers such as Roald Dahl, e.e. cummings, Cristina Rosetti … today a poem by Spike Milligan, called Two Funny Men. It is also interesting for English learners from Catalonia to see how we say a l’inrevés (back to front) or cap per avall (upside down).

Two Funny Men

I know a man
Who’s upside down,
And when he goes to bed
His head’s not on the pillow, No!
His feet are there instead.

I know a man
Who’s back to front,
The strangest man I’ve seen.
He can’t tell where he’s going
But he knows where he has been.

Spike Milligan

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