dilluns, 9 de novembre de 2009

Countable and uncountable nouns (3)

And finally, a few examples of some common mistakes regarding the question of countable/uncountable, or singular/plural, nouns. On the left (in italics), the incorrect sentence; on the right, the correct version.

The news were interesting today. The news was interesting today.

I saw a news about the war. I saw a news item (or, some news) about the war.

The people is happy. The people are happy.

There wasn’t any book. There weren’t any books.

How much apples did you buy? How many apples did you buy?

There was little children at the party. There were few children at the party.

My doctor gave me an advice. My doctor gave me some advice (or, a piece of advice).

He ate too much crisps. He ate too many crisps.

I have too many homeworks. I have too much homework.

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