dimecres, 4 de novembre del 2020

A quick look at our work

Since we set up our language service some years ago, we have worked with a varied and interesting group of clients and, in doing so, we have taken on a wide range of projects beyond the translation work we initially set out to do. Here's a glimpse at what we have been doing and a few examples of our work. [updated version of our 2014 post]

Classes - we offer English, Spanish and Catalan classes and have worked with young children, teenagers, public schools, people preparing for exams, professional workers brushing up their relevant language needs, and for international companies - providing intensive language courses for their workers.

Story-telling and poems - we offer English story-telling sessions for young Catalan children. We have worked with various libraries (Tortosa, L'Hospitalet, Vandellòs, Amposta, Santa Barbara, Mas de Barberans), primary schools, parents' associations, and local summer camps.


Here's a video of The Pot of Gold story session in the 1st Annual Tortosa English Festival.

  • We also organize, prepare and give poetry recitals (as can be seen by browsing through this blog)


Translations, language checks and proof-reading - we have translated or checked work for the following clients :

  • We translated Lluís Raluy's book "The Secret of Mirages" into English. 
  • We also translated Lluís' book on his life in the circus, The Circus of the Saltimbanchi, into English. Hopefully this will be published soon.
  • We have translated two children's books into English. The Smug Snail, and The Donkey and the Rats.
  • Machinery manuals for international companies
  • Private documents, letters, theses and other university work, and CVs for private clients
  • Helping English teachers here in Catalonia translate and prepare classroom materials
  • Wine descriptions and tasting notes for a local wine cooperative, Sant Josep Vins, and for the international online wine store, Vinissimus
  • Product information for a local micro-brewery, Lo Gambusi
  • Travel information for a travel agency, HIFE
  • Information sheets for guest houses and other tourist accommodation
  • Leaflets and programmes for the Felip Pedrell International Music Festival in Tortosa
  • Subtitles for a short film (unreleased as yet)
  • Subtitles for the Batalla de la Memoria Spanish Civil War documentary
  • Sections of the webpage, articles and other documents for the international meteorological and astronomic observatory, the Ebro Observatory
  • Sections of the web page for Hotel Tortosa Parc
  • Sections of the webpage for Lo Pati Art Centre
  • Sections of the Delta Ebre Port tourist website
  • Translating, language checks and proof-reading for Spanish economists publishing in international journals
  • Translated leaflets and information for TDAH conference in Tortosa 2011
  • Sections of the webpage for Joan Castellà's organic vegetable production and delivery service
  • Translated, transcribed or proofread various sections, documents and videos for the Catalonia Votes website run by the Catalan government's public diplomacy service, Diplocat
  • Translated the original Spanish version of the publicity video for Rhino Resort Hotel into English
  • We have worked with Catalan singer-songwriter Albino Tena writing song lyrics in English.
  • Translations for Plancton Diving.
  • Translations for web designers, Globals – Tortosa.
  • Translation work for the Bluverd communications agency.
  • Translated music notes for composer Jaume Aguilar
  • Translated/revised language for website of music composer Josep Ollé.
  • Translated web page of Tortosa Museum (unpublished)
  • Translated documents for the association Obre’t’Ebre
  • And finally - for now - we translated and adapted the original Catalan text into English for the subtitles of this promo video of Tortosa


dimarts, 20 d’octubre del 2020

Alda Merini

 El 20 d'octubre 2020 dins de la secció de cultura Cada día escribo el libro de Ràdio Ràpita, es va fer un programa especial sobre la poeta Alda Merini, en el qual va participar la Sílvia. Es pot sentir el podcast del programa aquí. 


Alda Merini: dieci anni senza la poetessa dei navigli